Best Dating Sites

I am thinking about doing online dating and I am checking out all the best sites for it in the NYC area. According to these are the best sites for our area. So I went ahead and tested a few of them and I am going to share my results.


1) First off is OKCupid.

These guys have been around for close to 10 years now (hard to believe). They are not just a big deal in the New York area but across the country as well. My favorite part about OKCupid is the fun questions they ask you when you fill out your online profile. I got a few doozies like “Which is worse: Starving Children or Starving Animals?” Who aks that type of question? Obviously children would be the right thing to say but either way it is a really screwed up thing to ask. Some other questions are a little more fun, like “If you were a famous celebrity which one would you be?”probably someone form New Girl.

Overall OKCupid is one of the better dating sites and if you don’t mind the sometimes strange questions you might be able to find the perfect match ❤


2) Plenty of Fish or was next on my list of sites to try. This site has everything trance, stilts, throw-up music, an albino that looks like Susan Powder, Teddy Graham people. Ok, just joking this isn’t one of NYC’s hottest night clubs brought to you by Stefon. But this site does have a lot to offer. If you are into relationships that aren’t your Stereotypical and are more like the ones depicted in some HBO late night programming than this is the place to be.

Did I mention its free? You have full access to the site and it costs you nothing. You can pay if you want some extra features but its not necessary. They are ad supported so you will have a lot of advertisements thrown at you so be prepared.


3) Tinder is third on my list and while its not really a dating site but more of a Hot or Not style app that you can use to fine dates. If you are the superficial type (like me) then you will love tinder. All you do is browse through people’s profile pictures and if you think they are hot you click on the heart next to their profile. There are no boring profiles to be distracted by its all about love at first site.

The love connection is made when you like someone back that has liked you (or vice versa). Then you can start chatting them up and planning out how many kids you will have.

If you are looking for more dating sites or more dating info in general you should read up at They have a lot of information and articles for the relationship scene in our area.


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